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The Parkway to host PBS NewsHour talk on partisanship with Hogan and other governors

From left: Gov. Larry Hogan, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

What do Govs. Larry Hogan, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania have in common, professionally speaking? Look to their approval ratings and polling numbers, and you’ll find they’ve successfully navigated highly partisan political climes—and, in Hogan’s case, even overcame a two-to-one disadvantage in voters’ party affiliation—to achieve strong support in their home states. They also were each handily re-elected to a second term this past November.

Event Pick: A vampire-hunting double feature, ‘Blade’ and ‘Blade II,’ screens at The Parkway

Poster via impawards.com

Long before Marvel rolled out its ambitious and entertaining Cinematic Universe of superhero films, the comic book protagonists were often out there fighting without the backing of other famed superheroes. Blade, the part-human, part-vampire protagonist played by Wesley Snipes, is a superb example of that lone-wolf mentality.

Event Pick: Watch ‘Groundhog Day’ on Groundhog Day

Image via IMDB

The holiday Groundhog Day, which is today, was once just a simple little tradition where a small town in Pennsylvania pulled a groundhog from its burrow to determine how much longer the winter would last. Totally normal. But thanks to the 1993 film starring Bill Murray, Groundhog Day has become shorthand for feeling like you’re in a nightmarish, Sisyphean loop and can’t get out of it.

Rat Film, Documentary Featuring Baltimore’s History with Rats, Opens Tomorrow at Parkway Theatre



A locally produced feature length documentary about Baltimore’s rat population opens Friday, September 15 at Station North’s Parkway Theatre. Theo Anthony’s Rat Film explores what Baltimore’s relationship to rats exposes about boundaries of separation and the history of racism in our city.

The New Yorker: Maryland Film Festival Shows Positive Generational Shifts in Indie Film


Longtime New Yorker film critic Richard Brody, who has attended multiple Maryland Film Festivals, had some high praise for this year’s edition in the new Parkway Theatre – and it wasn’t just because of the luxurious new digs.

Maryland Film Festival Opens Today with New Film Center and Enormous Local Talent

The newly renovated Parkway Theater officially opens today.

The 19th annual Maryland Film Festival opens Wednesday, May 3, with the opening night shorts program and gala, followed by four full days of excellent independent film.