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Bucking Year-long Trend, Baltimore Just Went Nearly a Week Without a Homicide


While you weren’t looking last week, Baltimore was enjoying a much-needed respite from its numbing homicide streak.

Poet Mary Jo Salter at The Ivy Bookshop, Weds. Nov. 6


salter nothing by design

Join the folks at The Ivy Bookshop on Wednesday, November 6 at 7 p.m. as they welcome Johns Hopkins Writing Professor Mary Jo Salter as she reads from Nothing By Design, her latest book of poetry.

About the Book

The title Nothing by Design is taken from Salter’s villanelle “Complaint for Absolute Divorce,” in which we’re asked to entertain the thought of a no-fault universe. The wary search for peace, personal and public, is a constant theme in poems as varied as “Our Friends the Enemy,” about the Christmas football match between German and British soldiers in 1914; “The Afterlife,” in which Egyptian tomb figurines labor to serve the dead; and “Voice of America,” where Salter returns to the Saint Petersburg of her exiled friend, the late Joseph Brodsky. A section of charming light verse serves as counterpoint to another series entitled “Bed of Letters,” in which Salter addresses the end of a long marriage. Artfully designed, with a highly intentional music, these poems movingly give form to the often unfathomable, yet very real, presence of nothingness and loss in our lives.



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