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Downtown Partnership Brings Back the Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest


Pie Eating Contest

With Halloween only days away, the usual trappings of fall are coming into focus: Crisp, colder weather, an array of colorful leaves, jack o’lanterns and, to go with that, pumpkin pie.

Celebrate Pi(e) Day at the Science Center



catch of the day fish (2)Everyone ready for the big March holiday coming up? No, we’re not talking about St. Patrick’s Day (though, yes, that’s fun too). We’re talking Pi(e) Day. Beloved by geometry nerds and pastry enthusiasts alike, Pi(e) Day occurs on March 14th each year—that’s 3/14, which is close enough to 3.14, which is the highly abbreviated version of the transcendental number, Pi. Pi is the number that we find anytime we’re trying to figure out the relationship between a circle’s circumference and diameter. And pie is what we get when we try to figure out the perfect relationship between fruit, butter, and flour. We’re just grateful that the Maryland Science Center had the good sense to bring the two together–on March 14th, of course–for some geometric, sugary indulgence.

Dangerously Delicious Thanksgiving Pies


Dangerously Delicious Pies

catch of the day fish (2)It took us a while to get over Dangerously Delicious Pies moving from their Hampden location all the way down to their new home on O’Donnell Street. But hey, some things are worth a trip from anywhere. And while pie is delicious year round, it’s one of those non-optional staples that makes Thanksgiving, well, Thanksgiving. And if you’ve already got a shopping and cooking list so long that it requires its own table of contents, maybe this year’s a good one for leaving the pie-baking to the pros. Alternately, if you’ll be the guest at someone else’s table this year, a knock-out pie (remember, they’re “dangerously delicious”) is always a welcome addition.

Free Pie for Baltimore, Today Only



Pie it Forward is a group of three “weirdo do-gooders” who love baking. “We’re just three regular people who got tired of complaining about the state of the world and decided to do something about it,” they explain. And that “do[ing] something about it” turned out to be baking and giving away delicious pies. To anyone and everyone. For free. No strings attached. And they’ll be in Baltimore today.

Special Ravens Super Bowl Pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies




catch of the day fish (2)Now, we’re going to try really, really hard this week to not have every single Catch of the Day (or thing we talk about in casual conversation) be about this coming Sunday. But seriously, it’s kind of hard. Super Bowl Sunday has taken on a sort of semi-national holiday status. We make plans. We prepare the meal. We dedicate an entire day to this event—even if we know absolutely nothing about football. Add to that the collective (and palpable) uplift that the Ravens’ participation has brought to the city, and this is basically a mandatory celebration for Baltimoreans. The Super Bowl is America’s second ranking holiday in terms of food consumption (Thanksgiving takes first place, but apparently game day beats out Christmas). To us, this means that we need to be planning big time—whether by creating individually-sculpted raven-shaped marzipan treats Martha Stewart-style  or ordering a king-size bucket of wings from the place down the street. And so, topping our list of Things To Order For Sunday is Dangerously Delicious Pies’ special Super Bowl Pie.

Today, 3.14, is Pi Day. Get it?


Today marks the celebration of the mathematical constant, Pi, which is used to calculate the circumference of a circle.

The Maryland Science Center celebrated everything Pi, from eating pie to reciting pi, to exposing the secrets of Pi. Dangerously Delicious Pies even donated pies for a party there. Pi(e) Day gets even sweeter because it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday, who would be 133 years old today.

How will you celebrate pi?