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Judge Tosses Out ACLU’s Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police Over Gag Orders in Brutality Cases

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A judge today tersely dismissed a First Amendment case brought against the City of Baltimore by the ACLU of Maryland over gag orders for police brutality accusers.

ACLU Sues Baltimore, Salisbury Police Over Gag Orders from Brutality Cases


Maryland’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Baltimore and Salisbury police departments over so-called gag orders that bar police brutality accusers from commenting publicly on their cases after settling out of court.

Baltimore Singer Joy Postell Speaks Out on Racial Oppression in ‘Consciousness’

Courtesy Joy Postell
Courtesy Joy Postell

Baltimore-based neo-soul artist Joy Postell has some powerful words to share about systemic racism, police brutality and black empowerment in her newest music video, which premiered yesterday on Noisey.

This Is Exactly the Wrong Message for the Baltimore Police to Be Giving Right Now



The Baltimore Police Department recently announced that it would be installing new cameras capable of recording in all its police vans by an unspecified date. But maybe they should start by removing offensive signs first.

On White Privilege, Police Brutality and Baltimore

image via oncealittlegirl.com
image via oncealittlegirl.com

University of Baltimore MFA student Tracy Gold considers the recent riots in light of her comfortable Towson upbringing. 

I’m white, and I live in a neighborhood of yuppies near the water in Baltimore City. So, I can’t speak to what it’s like for the folks affected by police brutality.

But I can speak to what it’s like to deal with police when you’re a stupid, white teenager. I believe these kinds of stories are important to tell right now; they highlight how unfair our current system is. Sure, life’s not fair. But criminal justice should be.

Former Baltimore Cop Sues Other Baltimore Cops



As a detective with the Baltimore City Police Department, Joe Crystal witnessed a few of his fellow officers beating up a handcuffed suspect. That night, he called his parents and told him what he’d seen. They reminded him of his commitment to integrity; the next day, he reported his colleagues. That’s when his trouble really started.

Baltimore Brass Call on Feds to Probe Police

surveillance video of a violent Baltimore arrest
A still from surveillance footage showing a Baltimore police officer assaulting a man on North Ave.

Baltimore’s mayor and police commissioner used a Friday afternoon announcement to invite federal authorities to review the police department’s practices, including the handling of police brutality cases. According to the Baltimore Sun, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said they were open to having the U.S. Department of Justice conduct a civil rights investigation of the police force.

Assault Lands Remorseless Baltimore Cop in Jail


baltimore cop to serve jail time for assault

After two years in which to consider his assault of a handcuffed drug suspect in October 2011, Officer Anthony Williams showed absolutely no sense of remorse at his sentencing. “I shouldn’t be in this situation; I did nothing wrong,” he said. “Would I change what I did that day? No.”

What did he do that day?