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Baltimore County Teen’s School Shooting Plot Disrupted by Police

Sash Alexander Nemphos (Balt. Co. PD)
Sash A. Nemphos (Balt. Co. PD)

Updated 6 p.m.

A teen was planning a school shooting in Towson, but he’s now in custody after being caught breaking into cars over the weekend, according to Baltimore County police.

School Bus Stolen by Thieves in Search of Change to Buy Cigarettes

Bus no. 874, safe and sound after being located (via Anne Arundel PD)
Bus no. 874, safe and sound after being located (via Anne Arundel PD)

Childhood dreams of stealing a school bus for a late-night joyride could have been realized last night in Anne Arundel County. But the bus didn’t have enough loose change on board for the thieves’ liking. 

Police Target “Drunk Bros” at U of Maryland

Photo via BroBible
Photo via BroBible

According to a reliable source, police in College Park are “cracking down on University of Maryland students acting like assholes.” Okay, so the “reliable source” is something called BroBible.com. But who better to report on the news from bro land? (You may also remember the site as the home of the foul-mouthed UM sorority girl’s dating advice column. Sigh.)

Baltimore Cops Get in Trouble for Sleeping on the Job



Poor Baltimore police officers — after a hard day of saving lives and chasing down suspects, sometimes they just want to take a nap… in their squad car… while on duty. Whereas in the past a police officer happily snoring away might only be noticed by a few passers-by, thanks to the internet and ubiquitous cell phone cameras, a snoozing officer is now likely to find him/herself plastered across the internet. No more, says BPD commissioner Anthony W. Batts:  “Let me make it perfectly clear – this is unacceptable and those found sleeping on duty – be it by a supervisor or the public – will be held accountable,” Batts wrote in a message to his staff. “Sleeping on duty is not only an egregious violation of the public trust; but a serious safety issue. I never want to have to officiate over a funeral or visit the hospital because a felon walked up to a car with a gun rather than a citizen with a smart phone.”

Another Baltimore Cop Gets Arrested (He Was Pimping Out His Wife); What is Going On!?



On Friday, the Baltimore Police nabbed a man who attempted to pimp out his wife to an undercover cop for $100 at a BWI-area hotel. The twist:  the husband-pimp, Lamin Manneh, is himself a Baltimore City cop in the Eastern District. That same week, a Baltimore cop killed his girlfriend, held a toddler hostage, and engaged in a standoff with the SWAT team. And a woman claiming that four Baltimore police officers assaulted her when she tried to film them with her cell phone camera (because they were allegedly assaulting a juvenile suspect) recently filed a million-dollar suit against the officers and department last month. All of which begs the question:  What is going on with the Baltimore City Police?

Dumb Cop Alert, Baltimore County Edition



Readers, I need some help with this one:  Why do people think they can make cell phone videos of incredibly stupid, illegal acts and get away with it? Do they think they’ll somehow avoid being caught? Do they not realize that anything you send to one person is probably being shared with dozens (or hundreds!) more? Or are they just plain stupid?

Ever Wanted to Listen in on the Baltimore Police Radio Scanner Feed? Thanks to the Internet, You Can



If Chicago is “drug busts and chasing murderers” and Portland is “somewhat sleepier than Los Angeles,” then what might Baltimore sound like? Eric Eberhardt’s online project, youarelistening.to, offers a glimpse into the personality of certain cities from a very particular angle:  the crackle and chatter of their police scanners. (As of right now, I can report that Baltimore sounds like traffic control and blocked roads. “I’m still stuck in traffic,” one officer just said. Parades make for slow crime-fighting days, it turns out.)