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O’Malley Uses Hurricane as Opportunity to Appear Presidential


Look, everyone knows what O’Malley is up to when he acts all tough and no-nonsense as disaster approaches. You can almost see him thinking it:  Wouldn’t I be great at giving a national address right now? If you squint a little bit, do I look presidential?

Johns Hopkins Predicts 10 Million to Lose Power

Seth Guikema hurricane power outage prediction
Seth Guikema is smiling because he knows when your power is coming back on.

Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines:  10 Million May Lose Power in Storm. After you spend half an hour freaking out and gathering candles, you might start to wonder:  hey, how do they reach a number like that before the storm has even hit? Complicated computer modeling, it turns out, and Baltimore — well, specifically, Johns Hopkins — can take credit for this one, thank you very much.

Wow! What a Storm!


On Friday afternoon, everyone was bracing for the forecasted heat wave, but no one anticipated the hurricane-like thunderstorm that hit late that night. Most households in Baltimore were out of power for over 24 hours on the hottest weekend of the year, leaving residents to find a way to maintain their cool (literally and figuratively). As of this morning, may outages persist.

Here are some pictures from around Cedarcroft/Roland Park/Woodbrook.  Please send us your pics at [email protected] and we’ll post them, and please share your survivor tales in the comments.

Watch this space for more photos as we make our way around town…

Brightside Road in Woodbrook.
Roland Avenue, Roland Park.

Baltimore After the Storm


As we were living through Irene, she didn’t seem any worse than a really bad rain storm, but the morning told a different story: over 100,000 without power, hundreds of trees down, lines down and detritus strewn hither and yon.

One of the most dramatic surprises came to Peter Kaizer whose 2005 Mazda 3 narrowly escaped annihilation from an enormous oak tree that fell in the 200 block of Murdock Road in Rodgers Forge. The tree missed the car by six inches, landing just between it and another car parked immediately in front of it. 

Another felled oak took down lines across Stevenson Lane (resulting in a ball of fire the size of the house, according to one neighbor), and more trees crashed lines on York Road, Osler Drive and Bellona Avenue among other streets. All over lush Baltimore County, same occurred, helping to explain why so many county residents are without power.  

As of Sunday night, the death toll from storm-related incidents was 21, but only one of those was from Maryland. Though the damage was less than government officials warned, most Marylanders were glad for the extra caution.  

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