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Baltimore Cop Accused of Planting Drugs in Soup Can Charged with Evidence Tampering, Misconduct

Still via footage from the Office of the Public Defender

Prosecutors have charged a city cop with evidence tampering and misconduct in office in the notorious case in which he recorded himself placing drugs into an empty soup can in a Southwest Baltimore alley before arresting a suspect last January.

Prosecutors’ Tally of Impacted BPD Cases ‘Far Too Low,’ Says Public Defender


Baltimore public defenders say city prosecutors have vastly underestimated the number of cases dropped or under review in 2017 due to controversial police body cam footage and a series of racketeering indictments of Baltimore cops.

City Prosecutors: 864 Cases Now Affected by BPD Body Cam Videos, Officer Indictments

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby at a press conference in July. Still via YouTube/Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office.

The Baltimore Police Department’s four biggest officer-conduct controversies of the year have now affected 864 criminal cases, according to the newest tally from Marylyn Mosby’s office.

Davis: Prosecutors Shouldn’t Have Dropped Cases Due to Newest Body Cam Footage


Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has drawn a line in the sand after the release of a new police body camera video resulted in dozens of additional dropped cases, maintaining that his officers did nothing wrong.

Prosecutors: Third Body Cam Video Shows Police Reenacting Evidence Discovery


City prosecutors say they’ve come upon a third video depicting a city police officer engaging in “questionable activity” during a June arrest, which will affect an additional 101 pending or closed cases.

City Prosecutors to Begin Explaining Decisions Not to Charge Police for Use of Force


Prosecutors in Baltimore have made a move that should please advocates of increased transparency in investigations of cases involving use of force by police officers.

Former Baltimore High School Principal Charged with Stealing Tens of Thousands from City Schools

City Schools headquarters on North Avenue, photo via Wikimedia Commons

An ex-principal of a shuttered Southeast Baltimore high school stole tens of thousands of dollars from school accounts and spent a good share of that money at Maryland Live! Casino, according to state prosecutors.

Prosecutor Charges Political Slate with Making ‘Unlawful’ Primary Season Loan to Catherine Pugh


Mayor Catherine Pugh is involved in a second campaign finance-related controversy stemming from her 2016 run for office, this time for taking what the Maryland Office of the State Prosecutor says was an “unlawful” loan.

Marilyn Mosby Has Her First Challenger for Re-Election in 2018

Courtesy Levin & Curlett LLC

A Baltimore-based lawyer who previously served a prosecutor in New York said he plans to challenge Marilyn Mosby for her spot as state’s attorney for Baltimore City in the Democratic primary next year.