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Q&A: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat talk new album ‘Riddles,’ the joys of collaboration, being present and more

Image via Carpark Records

When Ed Schrader gets going on a story, he really gets going. The front man of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and former talk show host and pasta chef tells long tales that weave in pop culture references and self-deprecating humor, and sometimes veer off into tangents and exaggeration. But he’s never not engaging, amusing or revealing.

Watch Baltimore Feminist Punk Band’s Song About the Wage Gap

Photo by Michael Andrade//via W.O.W. Facebook page
Photo by Michael Andrade//via W.O.W. Facebook page

War on Women is a Baltimore punk band with a name that’s as in-your-face as its music is. They write songs about everything from abortion to YouTube comments. Their most recent music video is for a song about the glass ceiling and the gender wage gap, and it features short clips of Baltimore women at work… including a cameo by a very important lady.

Baltimore Rockers Liquor Bike Reunite and Recognize Their Impact

left to right, Colin Preston, David Koslowski, Eric Dixon, Michael Starr Gaitley, 2012 — photo by Sam Holden

David Koslowski, 45, and his Liquor Bike band mates don’t practice for a gig the way they did 20 years ago.

Ratscape Brings Punk Marathon to Artscape Weekend


It’s not Scapescape, it’s not Whartscape, it’s… Ratscape! The Hour Haus (right above Arts and Craftsman/ next to Joe Squared on North Avenue) is hosting 47 mostly local bands over the three days of Artscape weekend. Fifty bucks will get you entry for all three days AND a meal AND five beers each day. That’s a pretty bangin’ deal.

Check out the Facebook event here.  (Also, I’d highly recommend reading the comments under Simon Mugzilla’s post in there – an interesting semi-dialogue on profit in the punk/local music world.)

The lineup looks like this: