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Baltimore’s Dog-Rescuing Cop Gets a Reward from Rachael Ray


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Plenty has changed for Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz since last summer when he received a typical call about a “vicious dog” terrorizing a Baltimore neighborhood. Police are authorized to shoot dangerous dogs (and sometimes they shoot non-dangerous ones, too!), but Waskiewicz didn’t take that tack; he called the dog over, patted it, and ultimately decided to adopt it.

Cool Girl Baltimore: Rocker/Chef Shirle Hale-Koslowski

photo by Harry Bosk

It’s true this town is nicknamed Smaltimore for good reason. I can’t run to the Giant without running into at least one person I know, but it might also be nicknamed Smartimore — because there’s always a rich influx of smart, talented folks to meet and make ties with. Case in point: New kid back in town Shirlé Hale-Koslowski, rocker/chef extraordinaire. Shirlé had relocated to Durham, NC, with her Free Electric State band-mate and husband David Koslowski (both formerly of Gerty), where the two continued to make music and Shirlé served as a health-conscious personal chef. Fourteen years later, they’re card-carrying Baltimoreans again, bearing creative gifts.