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Plenty has changed for Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz since last summer when he received a typical call about a “vicious dog” terrorizing a Baltimore neighborhood. Police are authorized to shoot dangerous dogs (and sometimes they shoot non-dangerous ones, too!), but Waskiewicz didn’t take that tack; he called the dog over, patted it, and ultimately decided to adopt it.


The story of Officer Dan and Bo the non-vicious pit bull warmed hearts across the country; now, more than a year later, word of the story has apparently reached Food Network celeb Rachael Ray, who decided to reward Waskiewicz with a year’s worth of dog food and treats. The clip aired as part of Ray’s (forgive me) “Ray it Forward” segment where she celebrates doers of good deeds.

Photo via Go To Team
Photo via Go To Team

On the show, Bo looks strapping with a orange bandanna (an Orioles fan, perhaps?). Waskiewicz gets to work in a few pro-pit bull comments as he tells the story of Bo falling asleep in the back of his squad car that first day. (Ray is herself a pit bull owner and fan.) Watch the clip here!