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What Is That Giant, Low-Flying Helicopter Doing Up There, Anyway?



Baltimore skies have been so busy lately. First, there was the mysterious Naval blimp looming over the skyline. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced it’ll be running a test this week in which a huge, low-flying helicopter patrols Baltimore to test for radiation. Or do they have other, more sinister plans in mind?

This Week in Research: Lazy Eye and Radiation Brain



Amblyopia, aka lazy eye, happens when a person’s eyes are mismatched — one is weaker than the other, or they’re misaligned, or they focus differently — and if it’s not corrected very early on, it becomes a problem for life. Basically, very young children have flexible brains that can learn to adapt to corrected vision in a way that adult brains are pretty much incapable of doing. But a team of University of Maryland researchers think they may have found a way to trick the adult brain into rewiring itself.