What Is That Giant, Low-Flying Helicopter Doing Up There, Anyway?

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Baltimore skies have been so busy lately. First, there was the mysterious Naval blimp looming over the skyline. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced it’ll be running a test this week in which a huge, low-flying helicopter patrols Baltimore to test for radiation. Or do they have other, more sinister plans in mind?

According to CBS, the helicopter’s sensors will test for naturally occurring radiation. That way, if the area ever gets hit by a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb, the government will know what the baseline levels are. The chopper will be flying at a mere 150 feet — that is, about the height of a ten-story building. Tests began yesterday and continue into today.

I know it should make me feel more safe, but I gotta say all this talk of dirty bombs, background radiation, and nuclear attack has got me feeling a little paranoid.

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