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What Is That Giant, Low-Flying Helicopter Doing Up There, Anyway?



Baltimore skies have been so busy lately. First, there was the mysterious Naval blimp looming over the skyline. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced it’ll be running a test this week in which a huge, low-flying helicopter patrols Baltimore to test for radiation. Or do they have other, more sinister plans in mind?

Four-Hundred Forty-Eight Marylanders Ran in the Boston Marathon Yesterday



UPDATE: a Baltimore preschool teacher is in critical condition from the bombing.

It’s foolish, but I will still usually think of the 9/11 attacks as something that happened to New York. And upon hearing the first reports of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I thought of it as something that was happening to Boston. Of course, that’s not really the case. For one, there were 448 Marylanders signed up to run in the marathon on Monday, including 59 Baltimoreans.