UPDATE: a Baltimore preschool teacher is in critical condition from the bombing.

It’s foolish, but I will still usually think of the 9/11 attacks as something that happened to New York. And upon hearing the first reports of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I thought of it as something that was happening to Boston. Of course, that’s not really the case. For one, there were 448 Marylanders signed up to run in the marathon on Monday, including 59 Baltimoreans. 

The Baltimore Sun reported the anecdotal experiences of several Baltimore-area residents who were near the explosions that killed at least three (including an eight-year-old boy) and wounded over 150. Those interviewed were all far enough away from the blasts not to sustain injuries and have been able to account for everyone on their running teams — which include the Howard County Striders, the U.S. Naval Academy team, and the Falls Road Running Store team — but no reports have yet accounted for every Baltimorean — let alone every Marylander — in the race.

Loyola reports that alumni Brian De Sena and Dan Sweeney (who run the Boston Marathon in memory of friend Evan Girardi) are safe.

Baltimore has beefed up its police presence “in critical areas” following the bombing, but the city has received no credible threats.

Though there is yet no suspect in custody, and investigators have not yet determined the profile of the person or group responsible, a Maryland Muslim group has already released a statement condemning the attacks, saying, “We hope and pray that the criminal or criminals who committed this heinous act are caught soon and brought to justice and punished to the greatest extent according to the laws of our country.”