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Sessions Chides Baltimore for Immigrant-Detention Policy, Says FBI ‘Will Probably’ Take Det. Suiter’s Murder Case

Still via Fox45/Facebook

After delivering remarks on U.S. immigration policy today in Baltimore, Attorney General Jeff Sessions shared his thoughts on local sanctuary-like protections for jailed immigrants, police misconduct and the still-unsolved murder case of veteran homicide detective Sean Suiter.

Jeff Sessions to Talk Immigration, MS-13 on Tuesday in Baltimore

Jeff Sessions at a Trump campaign rally. Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons.

Donald Trump’s attorney general will be in town tomorrow morning to banter about federal immigration policy and the push to eradicate the United States of MS-13.

Tree-Killing Beetle Threat Uprooted at Port of Baltimore

Longhorn Beetle (via U.S. CBP)
Longhorn Beetle (via U.S. CBP)

Homeland Security agents stationed at the Port of Baltimore uncovered a pest that could’ve put trees at risk in Maryland, and beyond.

What Is That Giant, Low-Flying Helicopter Doing Up There, Anyway?



Baltimore skies have been so busy lately. First, there was the mysterious Naval blimp looming over the skyline. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced it’ll be running a test this week in which a huge, low-flying helicopter patrols Baltimore to test for radiation. Or do they have other, more sinister plans in mind?

Florida Man in Trouble in Maryland After Pleading Guilty to Selling Military Gear on eBay



If you’re clearing out your attic and happen to uncover a box full of night vision goggles, think twice before listing them on eBay. Unless you have the proper license, selling that kind of military gear could be illegal, and bring with it a hefty sentence.

O’Malley to Co-Chair Council of Governors



If you ever wondered what relentless campaign for the president during his re-election campaign might get you, it’s a co-chairmanship of the Council of Governors. That’s at least what Gov. Martin O’Malley got for his trouble.

This Week in Research: Pregnancy is Stressful — for Men; How Viruses are Like Homeland Security


Pregnancy is stressful for both partners — that’s certainly not news. But according to recent research from Penn State and Johns Hopkins who studied over a hundred heterosexual couples expecting their first child, women and men process stress differently during pregnancy.

Harbor East to Host Fake Terrorist Attack on Saturday

Like this, but with more “mass casualties.”

If you find yourself at Harbor East this weekend, don’t mind the swarms of police and firefighters; it’s only a drill. This Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Harbor East will be the site of a simulated terrorist attack for local and regional emergency personnel honing their collective response to “large fires or mass casualties in a high-rise building.”

Despite Objections, Baltimore Joins Federal Program to Check Immigration Status of Arrestees


You won’t notice any difference in arrest procedure in Baltimore City. That is, unless you’re an illegal immigrant, and even then only after the fact. A federal program to check the fingerprints of arrestees against immigration records, which has been phasing in across the country since 2008, has finally and abruptly come to Baltimore. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (who wants more, not fewer, people living in the city) and immigrant advocates have voiced their concerns with the program — and its sudden implementation — but it barely requires the cooperation of the city or the Baltimore Police Department.

That’s because the program, called Secure Communities, is really a collaboration between two federal organizations. Baltimore already sends fingerprints of people who have been arrested to the FBI. Secure Communities only requires that the FBI pass those fingerprints on to Homeland Security.

Secure Communities already has 162,940 deportations to its credit nationwide, 670 from Maryland. Critics fear the program’s deportations could gut immigrant communities, lead to less police cooperation among immigrants, and leave many children in the United States — who may be legal citizens — without parents. Maybe they could rename it Millions of Children Left Behind.