Florida Man in Trouble in Maryland After Pleading Guilty to Selling Military Gear on eBay

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If you’re clearing out your attic and happen to uncover a box full of night vision goggles, think twice before listing them on eBay. Unless you have the proper license, selling that kind of military gear could be illegal, and bring with it a hefty sentence.

Florida man Anthony J. Torresi sold several sets of night vision apparatus — one pair of goggles and two monoculars — on eBay to a buyer he thought was living in New Zealand, but who was in fact a U.S. Immigrations and Customes Enforcement agent in Baltimore. 

Though the items may not technically be weapons, the overseas sale of them violates the Arms Export Control Act, and could put Torresi in prison for 20 years and saddle him with a $1 million fine.

You’re still safe if you’re selling these, though.

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