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Six Thousand Shoes: Road Scholar Campaign Reminds Text-Happy Hopkins Students to Cross with Care


Have you spotted the wall of yellow shoes hanging at St. Paul Street at 33rd? It’s quite stunning, actually. And hopefully a helpful reminder to student pedestrians not to text-step their way into oncoming traffic. JHU reports that at least two pedestrian accidents occurred monthly last year. The abundant display of shoes — ultimately, 3,000 pairs will perch in place, all gathered and spray-painted canary yellow by officials and volunteers — are part of a continuing JHU pedestrian safety campaign, in large part geared to stop “pedtextrians” from dreamily working their devices while they navigate an intersection. I wondered, why are certain random shoes painted bright white in the “Road Scholar” program’s wall-climbing array? Answer: They stand as a stark symbol of those pedestrians who were killed. Read more in Jill Rosen’s report in The Sun.

Winter Driving Tips from the MD State Highway Administration


A safety bulletin from the State Highway Administration urges travelers to use extra caution on the road today. With freezing rain predicted through Monday morning, the SHA and the Maryland Transportation Authority have crews at the ready to respond with salt. “However, as crews salt, if freezing rain continues it can be hard to prevent icing, particularly on bridges, ramps and overpasses.”

Below, official instructions for safety today and every ice-cold day we’ll experience.

Drivers should check conditions at www.traffic.maryland.gov and www.MD511.org or call 511 (1-855-GOMD511 outside the region) for current travel and weather information.  Once you visit the 511 website, sign up to follow 511 on Twitter with regional alerts and create your own personalized service with MY511 by registering your frequent routes. MY511 will recognize you upon return visits or calls and bypass general information, reporting your route information first, saving you time.

If traveling longer distances, the I-95 Corridor Coalition is a resource to plan ahead by visiting the web at www.I95coalition.org.  For general information, follow @MDSHA on Twitter and visit www.roads.maryland.gov.

SHA reminds everyone on the road BSAFE: Buckle up; Slow down — speed limits are set for fair weather conditions; Always drive sober; Focus on the road and Everyone share the road so everyone gets home.  Additionally, see and be seen by clearing your entire vehicle of ice; allow extra time, don’t rush; watch for pedestrians navigating icy conditions on foot; make sure wipers work and fill washer fluid — an absolute must for visibility.

Please follow key safety laws:
• No hand-held mobile phone use or texting in travel lanes; even stopped at signals;
• Wipers on, lights on!
• MOVE OVER — fender benders with no injuries, move out of travel lanes!
• MOVE OVER to free lanes away from emergency vehicles during incidents, and please force yourself to keep your eyes on the road, not to look at the scene.