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3 Md. Congressmen Push Bill to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue at Antietam

Photo via National Park Service

The campaign against Confederate statues rages on in Maryland, this time out west at a historic Civil War battlefield.

Someone Toppled the ‘Madre Luz’ Sculpture that Briefly Replaced Baltimore’s Lee-Jackson Monument

“Madre Luz,” by Pablo Machioli, knocked down in the Wyman Park Dell.

On Thursday morning, Pablo Machioli’s sculpture depicting a pregnant black woman with her fist raised, child on her back, stood proudly atop a marble base in the Wyman Park Dell. By the late afternoon, someone had knocked over and destroyed the sculpture; on a step nearby were the words, “Honor History,” painted in gold.

Baltimore Is Having a Hard Time Unloading Those Confederate Statues



Anyone looking to purchase some visually impressive, slavery-tainted statues? Because Baltimore is looking to unload a couple, and so far they haven’t found any buyers.