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Help is Here for Maryland Family Caregivers

Photo courtesy of Laurie Kelly
Photo courtesy of Laurie Kelly

Like more than 771,000 Marylanders (mostly women in their 40’s and 50’s), I am a family caregiver. My father, age 78, has been suffering from life-threatening emergencies since 2012. He has emphysema, congestive heart disease and kidney cancer.

How to Celebrate with Your Aging Loved One



It’s holiday season, and it’s time to start thinking about how to include mom, dad and grandma and grandpa into your plans.

AARP Maryland and Attorney General Brian Frosh Team Up to Fight Fraud: Scam Jam and Paper Shred at Linden Park Apts., Thursday, Oct. 20



Scam Jam and Paper Shred at Linden Park Apts., October 20 at 10 am

Scammers and identity thieves steal billions from Americans every year, and seniors may be especially vulnerable. That’s why AARP Fraud Watch Network and the Maryland Attorney General’s Office are hosting a free presentation for area residents on how to spot and avoid identity theft and fraud.

Can’t Imagine Leaving Your Home? Consider Aging in Place.



If you can’t ever imagine leaving your home, you may want to consider aging in place. This trend has become popular with the aging population because it offers more cost efficiency and allows you to remain in your home.

Consider Downsizing for Both Staying In or Moving Out



Have you ever looked around and realized you have too much stuff? It may be time to downsize. Whether you’re staying in your home or considering a move, it may be time to sort through your prized possessions and find out what you truly can’t live without – and what you can.