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To Be or Not to Be Gay: IS That a Question?


coupleBaltimore writer Danielle Ariano asks herself and her readers: Is being gay possibly a choice? (And if so, should that matter?)

I’m gay.

A lesbian, to be specific.

Poor me. Doomed to a life of being different by something hardwired in my system, something pressed into my DNA, something I have no control over.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex


Baltimore-based sex educator Deborah Roffman has a tough but important job:  talking to tweens and teens about sex. Phew, some parents out there might be thinking, Maybe I can get her to come to my kids’ school and I’ll be off the hook! But that’s exactly the wrong move, according to Roffman, because parents should be their kids’ primary (first AND most important) sexuality educators. “Data consistently shows that conversation helps postpone the age of first intercourse and it slows kids down,” Roffman says. “Same with all other risk-taking behavior. Parents matter.” Here are some of her tips for making those conversations more helpful and honest, and less miserably awkward:

  • It’s better to talk than to not talk. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, Roffman notes. There’s no perfect approach or correct speech to give; instead, it’s more important to open the doors of communication and talk, talk, talk.