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Michael Phelps Mulling Future Dive into Tech Investing

Michael Phelps (left) at the 2017 Quickbooks Connect conference. Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook.
Michael Phelps (left) at the QuickBooks Connect 2017 conference. Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook.

The recently retired Baltimore Bullet may be jumping into Silicon Valley’s tech investment pool.

Why Baltimore Is Better than Silicon Valley


Baltimore is a top city for tech jobs.

Silicon Valley is old news; if you want a tech job these days, according to Forbes, you’d be hard pressed to do better than… well, right here. Fun fact:  while California still has four times as many tech jobs as the national average, it turns out that the job growth is happening elsewhere. That’s partly because the gold-rush fever of a “tech-driven jobs boom” conveniently ignores the bust half of the cycle; according to Forbes, Silicon Valley actually employed 170,000 fewer people in 2011 than in 2000.