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Pigtown Design: Use the Good China


I was listening to NPR this morning and they did a report about the fact that foods taste better if you eat them off silver and china. Researchers have been studying how “cutlery, dishes and other inedible accoutrements to a meal” can alter our perceptions of taste. I’ve said this for ages.

Pigtown Design: Hammer Time (at auction!)


As you might have guessed by now, I am a fan of auctions. I’ve been attending them for years, and regardless of whether I buy something or not, there’s always something to be learned.

For new collectors, auctions are great. You can pick up the piece, look underneath it, heft it in your hands, check for damages, and thoroughly examine the piece before you bid on it. Most of the better auction houses have catalogues, which you can either purchase or download from their website, and they give you some information about what’s going under the hammer.

One of our local auction houses (Alex Cooper) has an auction about every six to eight weeks, and it’s a lot of fun to attend.  I usually attend one of the previews, so I can check things out before the actual auction. I generally have the catalogue in hand, so I can mark off the  lots that interest me. It’s also a good social time, as you frequently see the same people time after time.

After talking about intaglios and reliefs in my last post,I was delighted to see several lots of mounted collections of these pieces.

Pigtown Design: Favorite FInds at the Hunt Valley Antique Show


I had the chance to attend the Maryland Antiques Show at Hunt Valley last weekend, including a lecture by Bobby McAlpine. Everything was just so gorgeous, and I saw a number of things that I coveted.

This is a early 1900’s salesman’s sample board for children’s socks.