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Pro Skaters Helping to Raise Money for Rash Field Skatepark at Fundraiser this Saturday

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Local skateboarding prodigy-turned-professional Joey Jett spent the last year traveling the world and filming with two skateboarding icons. This Saturday, Jett will unveil their finished work at a fundraiser for a new skatepark at Rash Field.

City to Throw Grand Opening Party for Skatepark of Baltimore’s Newest Section

Courtesy Ian Supra and Konrad Crispino

The newest phase of the Skatepark of Baltimore in Hampden has been open for skating since December. However, winter isn’t really the best time for an outdoor unveiling. This week, city officials are finally taking the opportunity to formally open the street plaza.

The Skatepark of Baltimore in Hampden Gets a New Street Plaza

Courtesy Ian Supra and Konrad Crispino

Charm City’s skaters have some new turf to call their own.

Will 40-Somethings Populate the New Baltimore Skatepark?



Just in time to rally support for the Skatepark of Baltimore, the New York Times published yesterday a story about skateboarding as the new mid-life crisis obsession.

An excerpt:

Forget the little red sports car: the new symbol for midlife crisis is the skateboard. Graying members of Generation X, and even their older brothers, are reclaiming their youth and rebellious streak by hopping back on a skate deck. Some are even showing off old tricks in the skate park.

It’s the latest gasp for a generation of perma-dudes who listen to Black Flag in their BMWs and trade high-fives in client meetings. It’s a bid to escape the corporate grind, beat back their flagging vigor and even make good on a generational cliché: to extend their adolescence until their federal prescription-drug benefit kicks in.

If organizers can raise the money, the Baltimore skatepark will be located in Hampden, behind the Roosevelt Recreation Center at 1121 West 36th Street.  Skatepark Baltimore has already raised $25,000 from professional skateboarder Tony Hawk’s foundation and needs to raise by the end of the month an additional $25,000 to leverage $75,000 in matching funds from Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks.

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