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Even Skin Cancer Survivors Don’t Use Enough Sunscreen, Hopkins Study Says




We should all be wearing sunscreen — but clearly, not enough of us are, considering the fact that skin cancer rates are on the rise. But you’d think that people who’ve survived skin cancer would be particularly good at making sure they’re protected. Not so, recent research out of Johns Hopkins has found.

With Skin Cancer Rates Rising, Are You Sunscreen Savvy?


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.26.46 AMWith so many sunscreens on the shelves today, it’s surprising that skin cancer rates are rising. Maryland ranks 7th highest for new melanoma skin cancer diagnoses. The Skin Cancer Foundation states it best, “skin cancer is primarily a lifestyle disease.” Check out the surprising sunscreen must-knows below, and keep you and your family sun safe. 

Johns Hopkins Docs Grow a New Ear on Patient’s Arm


Science: Sometimes it’s just amazing! After Sherrie Walter, a 42 year-old Bel Air woman suffering from an especially aggressive form of skin cancer, had to get one of her ears surgically removed to stop the spread of the disease, her Johns Hopkins docs figured they might as well build her a new one. Using her own tissue. And then “store” it under the skin on her forearm.

Skin in the Game: See the Ravens + Get Checked for Melanoma for Free


Maybe you don’t get yourself screened for skin cancer detection as often as you should (once a year the general recommendation) because it’s not as much fun as, say, a day out with friends to see a Ravens game or something? (Note: Sports fans who’ve logged hours in stadiums can’t afford to ignore their sun-baked skin.)

Come on, that’s just poor sportsmanship. With early detection, you have a great chance of treating and beating the disease. And I can tell you it’s not that physically challenging to pop into the dermatologist’s office for a scan. It’s all over in a few minutes and it’s empowering. Is it fun? Not really. Cheap? Not necessarily.

Unfortunately, those excuses no longer apply…