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Q&A: Small Foods Party organizer Mickey Dehn talks about ‘the tiniest potluck,’ inspiration and more

Mickey Dehn. Image by Ann Marie Brokmeier.

Attendees at this year’s Small Foods Party can expect to eat plate after plate of food. Of course, those plates may be as small as their palm or even their thumbnail. Hosted in the American Visionary Art Museum’s Tall Sculpture Barn, Small Foods is attended by hundreds of competitors, judges and “tasters.” Top past entries include an assembly line of “Crappy Meals” (tiny McDonald’s Happy Meals), an impeccable falafel-building station and a brilliant “Valley of the Dolls”-themed martini bar.

And Small Foods has a history as a queer-friendly event. “Several founders of Small Foods are queer, as well as many of the organizers that keep the event alive from year-to-year,” says Mickey Dehn, the organizer of this year’s party. “Not only have many participants and winners been LGBTQ or allies, but Small Foods has served as a space for those folks to come together and be creative, be comfortable and be happy.” Money collected from ticket sales will go toward the mighty work of Moveable Feast.

This week, I met with Dehn over a plate of regularly sized BBQ to discuss his role in what he calls “the tiniest potluck you’ll ever go to.”