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We Feel Stupid (but Proud): Intel Science Awards Maryland Student $25,000

Sam Zbarsky
Samuel Zbarsky

Earlier this week, the Intel Science Talent Search named its tip-top winner and other numerous brainiac finalists, 40 high school kids in all receiving high honors. The annual science-and-math-contest results never fail to inspire us — these young students from around the country are creating projects that promise a better future for the planet and everyone on it — but they also make us feel dumb and science/math-deficient in comparison. Read about the brilliant top winner’s project after the jump. And also the amazing kid from Rockville, Samuel Zbarsky, who won $25,000. You might feel bad about yourself for a minute, but you’ll feel way better about your future. (Last year, Crownsville, Md., 15-year-old Jack Andraka won the grand prize for inventing a new way to detect pancreatic cancer.)