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C’mon Baltimore, Let’s Travel the Spice Circuit!

Hotel stay in Chettinad—120 year old former home of a merchant in South India. This city is known for it’s tile work, second only to intricate Mexican tiles.

Baltimore…are you ready for a South Indian experiential trip to the spice region of India? Starting in January, Martha Lucius is leading a food tour to South India.

Victoria Taylor Brining Blends at E.N. Olivier


Victoria Taylor at E.N. Olivier in Baltimore

Way back in September, we got really excited about E.N. Olivier—the brand new food boutique that specializes in flavored and artisanal olive oils and vinegars. Now that Thanksgiving is a scant few days away, we thought we should revisit this new local treasure to see how E.N. Olivier could help us create an amazing turkey. Predictably, they’ve got just the stuff in stock to help ensure that your bird will be unique, delicious, and memorable. If you’re dedicated to brining your turkey, be sure to swing by E.N. Olivier to pick up (at least) one of Victoria Taylor’s Brining Blends.

McCormick World of Flavors at the Inner Harbor



Baltimore McCormick Store


Remember learning in school about the importance of the spice trade in global history? How empires were built or ruined based on explorers’ abilities to sail great distances, trading with other civilizations  for spices that were so valuable they functioned as forms of currency in their own right? We don’t know if spice giant McCormick decided to open up its first ever retail store right here in Baltimore  because of the historical connection between spices and sailing, but it sure does feel good to have new businesses crop up that somehow speak to our maritime traditions and our history as an important port city.

McCormick World of Flavors shop stocks not only the spices that you’re familiar with from your own grocery store, but also McCormick’s European lines as well. Making this much more than just a shopping experience, the store also has interactive displays including Guess That Spice, FlavorPrint and Flavors in the Making. And in keeping with the theme of spices so highly prized that they could be their own form of currency, there is even an exclusive McCormick World of Flavors product line only available in the store.

McCormick World of Flavors, Harborplace – Light Street Pavilion, Baltimore Inner Harbor
301 Light Street #1470, Baltimore, MD 21202

McCormick World of Flavors Opens at Inner Harbor


McCormick’s one and only retail store opened today in the Light Street Pavilion at the Inner Harbor.  When I first heard of the concept I was skeptical. “How much nutmeg can they sell?” I thought.  But I was wrong.  The store is a pleasure as an attraction and a practical resource for those who love to cook.