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Welcoming ‘the Stranger’ in Our Midst: Interfaith Speakers’ Series Final Night June 7


Tomorrow night is the final night of the Interfaith Community of Roland Park’s speaker series entitled “Welcoming ‘the Stranger’ in our Midst: Walking the Path of Radical Hospitality to Immigrants, Refugees & Asylees.”  The final lecture will be held at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Redeemer, 5603 North Charles Street.

21 Flowers: A Potion for Luck and Powerful Change


When University of Baltimore MFA grad Elisa Estrella returns to a botánica for the first time in years, she’s nervous as can be. She remembers feeling faint in just such a spiritual space as a child. As an adult, she’s desperately seeking change, so she steps inside.

I moved to Baltimore for a new job in the summer of 2008. About one month after I started work, the stock market crashed, and four months later, so did my new job. Thanks to a referral from a friend in my business network, I got a job working for a small federal contractor in the DC area. It meant a long commute from Baltimore and significantly less pay, but I was desperate.