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Under Armour Debuts Star Wars Apparel, Without Women’s and Girls’ Sizes

via Under Armour

The light saber can pair with a shield, after all. Under Armour’s new Star Wars collection debuted today, but the Baltimore-based apparel company felt a great disturbance after it was quickly noticed that women and girls weren’t included.

This Week in Research: Darth Vader’s Childhood Home & the Soda Pop Comet

Photo by Ralph Lorenz, courtesy the Planetary Society

Our condolences go out to Anakin Skywalker, whose boyhood home is about to be consumed by a giant sand dune. “Hold on!” you might be saying, “Anakin Skywalker is a fictional character!” True. But his home is real — or at least the set where the Star Wars franchise filmed his childhood is real — and it’s currently under threat by a giant, swiftly moving sand dune, according to a Johns Hopkins researcher.