Under Armour Debuts Star Wars Apparel, Without Women’s and Girls’ Sizes

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via Under Armour

The light saber can pair with a shield, after all. Under Armour’s new Star Wars collection debuted today, but the Baltimore-based apparel company felt a great disturbance after it was quickly noticed that women and girls weren’t included.

Like all things this holiday season, the latest edition of Under Armour’s Alter Ego series is obviously timed ahead of the opening of The Force Awakens, so you can see the movie one week and get all the merch for a gift the next. However, the “Imperial Collection” line harkens to classic Star Wars, with shirts and hoodies that help you look like Darth Vader, a droid and proudly sport a Death Star. One shirt has the classic Empire Strikes Back line, “Do or Do Not. There is No Try.” When presented in this context, it’s obvious that the phrase is Yoda-ese for  “I Will.”

Screenshot of UA's website.
Screenshot of UA’s website.


But Under Armour didn’t seem to take into account that women and girls would want Star Wars gear on the same day as their male counterparts.Women can buy a men’s T-shirt, and some of the kids’ clothes are listed as unisex. But under “All Genders,” the website of the line only lists Men and Boys. This is curious, given Under Armour’s emphasis on female athletes and Star Wars’ inclusion of female characters.

The company issued a statement to the Daily Record saying that they aren’t done rolling out the Star Wars line, and will include designs for women.

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