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Baltimore & Surrounding Areas: Business To Business Expo




Sunday, July 12, 2015
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Double Tree BWI Hotel
890 Elkridge Landing Rd,
Linthicum, MD 21090
Chesapeake and Annapolis Room

Coordinated by Baltimore Entrepreneurs Empowered (B.E.EMPOWERED) and Tightfisted Fashion

**This event is catered to start-ups, small business owners and professionals in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Click Here for Details.  Hope to see you there!

Baltimore Start-Up Raises $1.5 million



As we mentioned the other day, Baltimore is a great place to be a tech worker. Not only are salaries high, there are also plenty of investors looking to give seed funding to what they hope will be the next hot idea. Case in point: Citelighter, which promises to help students organize citations in academic papers — and which just raised $1.52 million in financial backing, the bulk of it from Baltimore area investors.

The Sharing Economy: It’s Not Just Nice to Share, It Could Be the Next Big Thing



From bike shares to spare couches, from swapping clothes to trading tools, the sharing economy has picked up steam in the past five years. Some trend watchers point to Millennials as the source of the national uptick. Others say that a renewed interest in all things green as well as a new brand of thriftiness that started in the recession has led to the growth in collaborative consumption. 

Former Paypal Exec Joins GiveCorps as CEO

Vince Talbert
Vince Talbert

On the eve of its second anniversary, Baltimore-based startup GiveCorps has added Vince Talbert as CEO. E-commerce expert and co-founder of tech-giant Bill Me Later, Talbert was instrumental in its $1B sale to PayPal in 2008. He brings unmatched e-commerce expertise to the higher education-focused giving platform.

Over recent decades, higher education institutions nationwide have struggled to maintain alumni giving, with participation falling from 20% during the 1980’s to 9%* today. GiveCorps is positioned to move higher education beyond crowdfunding with a cloud-based giving platform that allows colleges and universities to match donor passions with real funding needs for the first time.

This Baltimorean Wants to Make Google Glass a Little Less Terrifying


00c67442f57044f2e3e235100945d28a_largeThis is why I’m afraid of the future:  Google Glass, if you don’t already know, is basically like a wearable version of the internet. For $1,500, you can get a pair of ugly glasses that allow you to keep a computer-like display in your field of vision at all times. You’d be able to take pictures, perform searches, and provide even more status updates. What could go wrong!?

Transforming High-Tech Ideas into Viable Businesses at Johns Hopkins



There’s a world of difference between a good idea and a business that actually turns a profit. In order to get their companies off the ground, would-be entrepreneurs need office space, equipment, talent, and plenty of good advice — things that can be difficult (or expensive!) to come by in those crucial early stages. Enter Johns Hopkins’ new “business accelerator,” FastForward, which will help transform “the best ideas born on campus into moneymaking ventures.”

Baltimore Companies Bet on “Extreme Space Diving” As Next Big Thing



Remember when that man went sky-diving from the edge of the stratosphere — 24 miles above the earth — last year? If you were one of the 17 insane people whose reaction was not oh my god what a crazy person and instead how can I do that!?, you may soon get your wish. Two companies have joined forces to work on a space diving suit that might just make this the new extreme sport — and both of those companies are based in Baltimore. Any volunteers?

Johns Hopkins Student Start-Up Creates “the Starbucks of Chocolate Truffles”


Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 10.33.25 AM

It began with cocoa powder, heavy cream, and a communal kitchen in a sophomore dorm; just a few months later, Johns Hopkins student Jamasen Rodriguez’s chocolate company had $100,000 in start-up money, and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s coolest college start-ups of 2013.

You May Never Get a Parking Ticket Again, Thanks to this Baltimore-Developed App


Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 10.36.46 AM

Baltimore City publishes its parking citation list online. For most people, the citation roster is just a reminder of how frustrating it is to find one of those ominous neon-green envelopes nestled under your windshield wiper, but for local programmers Shea Frederick and James Schaffer, it was an opportunity.

Student Start-Up Alert: Sneakers with Heat


Forget handbags and Hermes scarves. If you’re looking to invest in cutting-edge fashion these days, sneakers are where it’s at. Blogs track release dates, malls are evacuated to avoid sneaker riots, SneakerCon draws thousands, and the most in-demand models can reach four figures. So when Towson junior Malcolm Manswell decided to get into the sneaker business, it was serious.