Baltimore Companies Bet on “Extreme Space Diving” As Next Big Thing

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Remember when that man went sky-diving from the edge of the stratosphere — 24 miles above the earth — last year? If you were one of the 17 insane people whose reaction was not oh my god what a crazy person and instead how can I do that!?, you may soon get your wish. Two companies have joined forces to work on a space diving suit that might just make this the new extreme sport — and both of those companies are based in Baltimore. Any volunteers?

Solar System Express‘s website makes some big claims:  their “Ironman” suit will allow for pitch, yaw, and roll control; it’ll enable jumps from as high as 62 (!!!!!) miles above Earth; and if that’s not grandiose enough for you, well, it’ll also enable space settlement. Juxtopia, the other company involved in the project, has a classier looking website which boasts of superhero movie-style research into “human machine interaction” and “improv[ing] human capabilities from the molecular to the macro level.” (Cue the super-villain.)

While it’s unclear to me whether these companies have actually made anything yet, they are dreaming big — and they’ve also already attracted the interest of some real players in the, uh, extreme space diving world, like world champion skydiver Olav Zipser (yes, that is his name). So keep your eyes on the sky, Baltimore — who knows what might be up there?

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  1. Have you actually watched that dive/freefall from space??? It is unbelievable — it is a miracle that he survived — I think we must be still quite a few years away from the average bungee-jumping-type joe trying this “stunt”. Watch the video and judge for yourself!

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