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City Removes its Four Confederate Monuments Overnight

A Department of Public Works employee paints over graffiti on the base of the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell.

A years-old fight to rid Baltimore of its Confederate statues ended early Wednesday morning, with all four of the monuments being carted off on flatbed trucks.

Mayor Pugh Suggests Auctioning Off City’s Confederate Statues to Pay for their Removal

Photos by C. Ryan Patterson of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts

Mayor Catherine Pugh indicated Friday that she’s just as keen as the mayor of New Orleans is on ridding her majority-black city of its Confederate statues. But, as she put it, “We’ve got to find that money.”

Two Families Tied to Dred Scott Decision Reconcile in Front of Md. State House

Roger Taney’s statue in Annapolis. Photo via City of Annapolis.

One-hundred and sixty years ago, infamous Marylander and then-Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney issued a ruling that Dred Scott, a Missouri slave who escaped his owners, was not a citizen. The decision furthered the detestable tradition of slavery for several more years before Abraham Lincoln abolished it. Yesterday, Scott’s and Taney’s descendants stood together in front of the Maryland State House in Annapolis to make amends.