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College Admissions Boot Camp – Stand Out Among the Competition


If you’re a parent with a rising senior applying to college in the fall, you may be looking ahead with some trepidation.

Early Admission: A Strategic Move to Consider


Deciding whether or not to apply for early admissions can be challenging. Should you commit to a single school through Early Decision?

ACT vs. SAT: Which One Should You Take?


It’s a question we hear often from our students: Should I take the ACT or SAT?

Why The New August SAT Test Date Is Awesome


For decades, the SAT has only offered testing dates during the traditional school year — October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. But starting this year, the SAT will be replacing its unpopular January test date with one in August.

Secret Weapon for Dramatically Improving SAT or ACT Scores


When we hear the term “test prep,” we often imagine students studying beefy textbooks or signing up for an SAT class that typically lasts two months.

Too Late to Apply for Accommodations on the SAT and ACT?


Prepping for the SAT/ACT is no easy task. It involves months of consistent, committed study that often requires working with an experienced tutor.

I’m not happy with my SAT score!


If you’re a junior in high school, there’s a strong chance you just received your SAT or ACT scores, both of which were released in the last two days.

Why 4 Months of Tutoring for the SAT/ACT?


Conventional wisdom says that students should take the SAT/ACT exams sometime during their junior year of high school. Parents typically pick a testing date based on this advice and then race to enroll their student in a prep class, or private tutoring sessions, four to six weeks before the test date.

But it’s not the best strategy.

SAT Changes Make it Harder to Know Chances as College Applicant



SAT scores came out today from the March test (the first of the redesigned SAT). Of course, juniors got a glimpse of what the new test would be like in October, when they took the redesigned PSAT. Now my students are racing to find out what their scores mean. College Board came up with an online SAT Score Converter, which can also be found on the app store.

How the New SAT Tests Intelligence (and What it Means for Your High School Student)


Girl with ipad 4

I used to kick-off my first SAT session with an old problem that you may be familiar with:

A baseball and a bat together cost $1.10. The bat costs a dollar more than the baseball. How much does the baseball cost?