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Why You Want to Donate Your Suit This Season



Sharp Dressed Man provides well-tailored, gently worn business attire to men who’ve been recently released from prison, and who are reentering the workforce. Sure, many people coming out of prison face much greater obstacles than the question of what to wear to a potential job interview—but at the same time, being able to look the part can have a tremendous impact on how potential employers or landlords view someone, as well as how he views himself. Of course, Sharp Dressed man depends on the donations of folks who have a little extra—so if you’ve just gotten a pair of new dress shoes and think you could part with your old ones—this is the best possible place to send them. There certainly is plenty of need, and a whole lot of gratitude. Click to read more of the original post.

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Who Would You Hire? The Suit Changes Everything.



Sharp Dressed Man was founded by a partnership between the Baltimore Fashion Alliance and the Living Classrooms Foundation in 2012 to support men re-entering the workforce. We have recently established a clothing boutique in downtown Baltimore at 235 Park Ave that is furnished with donations of recycled men’s clothing. Often a nice suit and appropriate business attire is the last hurdle for men getting back on their feet. Sharp Dressed Man collects gently worn suits & business attire and distributes them to men in need. Please support us in empowering men to improve their lives.

For more information, please call 410.404.5131 or the Sharp Dressed Man Facebook Page.

Clothing donations can be dropped off at Christopher Schafer Clothier located at 1400 Aliceanna Street Baltimore, MD 21231, please call first.