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Silver Linings Playbook, Thanksgiving Edition: A Baltimore Holiday Tale


In which University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik counts her blessings, even the crappy ones…

Even before I heard about the new Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper movie, I was thinking about silver linings this Thanksgiving. I mean, of course I’m grateful for all the usual stuff, my family, my home, my health, such as it is, for decent public schools and the iPhone 5 and the nice neighborhood I live in. I’m thankful that Video Americain hasn’t gone out of business yet, that chickens lay eggs, and that it is still possible to make some kind of living typing claptrap since it is the only thing I am capable of doing.

Happy Halloween: Skeletal Remains Found Under Fallen Tree in CT


The New Haven Independent is reporting that human remains have been found under a tree in Connecticut that fell during Superstorm Sandy. A skull was found still connected to a spine and rib cage.

Yes, we know it has nothing to do with Baltimore, but we couldn’t resist sharing because it’s Halloween!!