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Baltimore Temperatures Drop From 100’s


Big news everyone: we can all stop praying to the sun gods for forgiveness. After 11 straight days of 100-degree temperatures it looks like the heat is finally settling down to the comparatively cool 90’s. It’s about time, too – I was almost running out of red heifers and sackcloth.

This temperature drop comes with news of the 13th Marylander dying from our recent heat wave. I’m not always one for numerology but hey, lucky number thirteen anybody?

I guess the 90’s aren’t usually what you’d think of as “gentle” but they’ll sure feel good after the last week and a half. I noticed the streets began to do that thing where they rippled when you see down them too far in the distance, the way things usually only look on the other side of a fire.



Watch Out for the Heat Today, Baltimore!

Heatwave, the band.

Seriously, everybody watch out for this crazy heat today. Every weather service I’ve been consulting (read: obsessively rechecking waiting for the numbers to magically recede) has predicted a different high temperature, but they all agree it’ll be somewhere around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And WICKED HUMID. Same for tomorrow. And the low temperatures aren’t going to break 80 degrees!