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Inspired by Philadelphia, the Maryland Zoo starts building a skywalk for animals

A colobus monkey at the Maryland Zoo. Courtesy of the Maryland Zoo.

At the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, visitors typically go from one exhibit to the next to see the animals on display. Starting next month, some of the animals will get a chance to move from one part of the zoo to another to see the visitors.

The Colobus Trail is the name of an $800,000 overhead walkway being constructed to give the zoo’s colobus monkeys a chance to leave the indoor confines of the Chimpanzee Forest building, part of the zoo’s African Journey section, and explore the outdoors for the first time.

Garrison Forest School Grizzlies Sponsor New Grizzlies at the Maryland Zoo


Garrison Forest School, home of the Garrison Forest Grizzlies, is thrilled to announce two of its newest Grizzlies. They are sisters from Montana, who are new to Maryland. Their hobbies include digging, dragging tree limbs around, wrestling and growling. Oh yes, and they’re covered in fur.