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[email protected] Update: Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, Thinkers, and Writers to Explore Together How to Build a More Equitable and Responsible Society


Thursday, April 6: [email protected]

Gather with social entrepreneurs, activists, thinkers, and writers to explore, together, how to build a more equitable and responsible society. Discussion topics include: Business and its impact on communities, Perceptions of Blackness and the affect on student development and society as a whole, Young leaders disrupting the status quo, New Perspectives on Re-Entry and Recidivism.

New York Times Weaves 2-Part Profile of Baltimore Nonprofit Thread

Thread's Sarah Hemminger (via YouTube)
Thread’s Sarah Hemminger (via YouTube)

Baltimore’s troubles have been well-chronicled in the national media, but the New York Times is taking some time to work on solutions over the next two weeks. One of Baltimore’s most innovative nonprofits is getting a two-part profile in the New York Times’ Opinionator section. In the first installment, author David Bornstein writes that Thread has changed the way he thinks about “what’s possible.”