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“Trash Mob” Tackles Baltimore’s Litter Epidemic — on Their Lunch Breaks



Baltimore has its fair share of vacant lots — and for whatever topographical reason, vacant lots seem to be trash magnets. This kind of litter makes our city look gross, but it’s also one of those small problems that’s so pervasive it feels completely insurmountable. Enter Baltimore’s Zero Litter, a group that has proved that you can clean up a vacant lot with nothing more than a few friends and a half-hour of your lunch break.

A Better Buzz: “Get Trashed” Cleans up/Drinks up Hampden

from left, coordinators Liz Carney, Bambi Chapin, and two volunteers

On Tuesday night, Kathy Flann, a Baltimore-based fiction writer, found herself in Roosevelt Park in Hampden, asking a gaggle of tough-looking, 20-something Hampdenite guys chilling at a picnic table if she could please pick up the trash beneath their feet. She felt apprehensive. She wondered if her question might seem condescending. After all, she and her co-ick-picker-uppers were working as part of “Get Trashed,” a volunteer community meeting/rotating social club that invites Hampden Community Council Facebook members and any and all residents in-the-know to scan for and scoop up residential litter, and later hit a trendy bar together.