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WBAL-TV’s Omar Jimenez Drops Rap EP, ‘Reporting Live’

Still via “Ready for It” music video, via OJ Trop/YouTube

Even if you haven’t heard of local hip-hop artist OJ Trop, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him on the evening news.

Man Seeks Refuge from Snow in TV Weather Van, Leaves Ice Cream Behind

Scene of the crime: WJZ's Mobile Weather Lab
Scene of the crime: WJZ’s Mobile Weather Lab

Eating an ice cream cone while it’s snowing is likely to make one cold. Upon discovering this concept in Towson on Thursday, a drunk Towson man sought shelter at Safeway. But, according to WJZ-TV, he yelled at all the customers there, and was forced to find another roof.

Fox45 Fires 2 Over ‘Kill a Cop’ Story


killcopThe local Fox affiliate fired two staffers in the wake of a Dec. 21 story in which protesters’ chants were edited to sound like “Kill a Cop,” but no one in a leadership role lost their job.