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Obama, FEMA Say Maryland Not Hit Hard Enough By Sandy to Receive Federal Aid

Crisfield was one Maryland city that took a beating from Sandy.

You may have considered superstorm Sandy effectively a no-show after the weather system fell short of its destructive hype, but it still did $27 million worth of damage in Maryland — including “significantly damag[ing]” something like 48 homes.

Maryland to Have a Colder, Costlier Winter This Time Around

Winter will be worse this year, but not as harsh as 2009.

The numbers are in: this winter is going to be colder than last. Of course, you probably could have guessed that after last year’s cold season, almost surreal in its wimpiness.

Sandy’s Coming! State Highway Admin Readies for the Hurricane


High Winds, Coastal Surge, Rain/Flooding Possible; Travelers Must Use Extra Caution Driving/Walking

(October 26, 2012) – A massive coastal storm threatens to bring heavy rain, high winds, widespread power outages and a coastal storm surge to the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland.  Hurricane Sandy is a huge slow moving storm with wide-ranging impacts anticipated regardless of where she makes landfall.   State Highway Administration (SHA) crews are preparing by clearing drains, fueling up, stocking road signs and readying chain saws and other equipment. In addition, SHA’s teams are preparing for the possibility of snow in Western Maryland.  With leaves still on most trees, significant tree damage and power outages are a major concern.

Experts Predict a Snowy Winter for Baltimore


Officially, of course, it’s too soon to call — but since weathermen (and weatherwomen) like to make wild claims months in advance, they’re already warning Baltimoreans to be prepared for an extra snowy winter this year.

Winter’s on Its Way: Baltimore Crab Predicts Early Winter


Last week at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Bill, the weather-predicting crab, forecasted an early winter. Bill walked a specially designed crab plank and headed right out to the bay and off to warmer climates. After all, he’s no snow crab.

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Move Over Punxsutawney Phil, Baltimore Bill’s the New “It” Weather-Predictor (if there is such a thing)


From the moment Baltimore Bill was spawned in the lower Chesapeake Bay, his parents knew he would be different. Unlike the other baby crabs hatched in early June, Bill is said to have raised a claw in the water, felt a warm current heading in the direction of Baltimore and headed off to make history.