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Ray Lewis Gives First Two Bottles of His New Bourbon to Trump and Pence

Ray Lewis in 2013, photo via Wikimedia Commons

Starting today, Donald Trump and Mike Pence will lead the United States of America together for at least the next four years. Retired Ravens great Ray Lewis wanted to make sure they had something to celebrate with, so he’s giving a pair of bottles of his new limited-edition bourbon to the Republican leaders.

Half-Off All Whiskey Tonight at Johnny’s!

The snow can’t keep us down. We’re back at it! Johnny’s is open all day. Cure your winter blues tonight with a toasty Hot Toddy and:
Whiskey Wednesday
50% off All Whiskey, All Night
Across the board, all whiskey and whiskey cocktails are half the price throughout the restaurant tonight! Our Whiskey Wednesday is a great chance to experiment with a new whiskey or to cozy up to an old favorite. 


JOHNNY’S DOWNSTAIRS  | 4800 Roland Avenue  | Baltimore, MD 21210

Whiskey Distillery to Open Soon in Remington



Remington is becoming the home of all things artisinal, handmade, and delicious. Case in point: The Baltimore Whiskey Company, a new distillery set to open very soon–basically, as soon as their permits get the ok from the city.

Possibly the Best Date Idea in Town? Whiskey Wednesday at Johnny’s

Johnny's 028
Some of the small batch whiskeys sampled at Whiskey Wednesdays retail for between $50 and $60 a bottle.

Looking for a great way to spend the evening that isn’t just the usual dinner and a movie? In this heat, we’re kind of crossing most outdoorsy options off the list, but what makes for a great night out that is more than just the usual “wanna grab a drink?” Johnny’s, the latest from restaurateurs Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf, has the answer. Every other Wednesday at Johnny’s, you can attend Whiskey Wednesday—an event sure to excite anyone who’s already a fan of fine whiskeys, and to convert anyone who isn’t (yet).

New to whiskey?  What to expect is explained on your placemat.
New to whiskey? What to expect is explained on your placemat.

Every Whiskey Wednesday features a flight of four different high-end whiskeys, and each flight has its own theme. On the evening we attended, the theme was Jim Beam style bourbons—we weren’t even sure what that meant going in, but soon, all was explained. Our host for the evening was the affable and uber-knowledgable Sam Massa of Bin 604 Wine Sellers. There are a few different hosts who rotate week to week, but Sam told us he’s pretty much there for every event, just because he loves tasting the whiskeys. He also gave us plenty of fun facts about each whiskey we tasted—not just the usual “hints of citrus, port undertones” kind of thing, but actual whiskey history and trivia, which gave the evening an extra sense of fun—this wasn’t just about tasting a nine year-old beverage, this was American history!

Whiskey Wednesday at Johnny’s


Whiskey Wednesday

catch of the day fish (2)We here at Catch of the Day are so ahead of the curve that we’re not talking or thinking about our weekend plans today. Sure, TGIF and everything, but we’re already looking forward to (and making our reservations for) next Wednesday. Some might call this the opposite of being present in the moment, but we call  it being prepared. And isn’t that something that the Boy Scouts (pretty good role models, we’d say) are always advocating? Plus, we’ve got good cause to look forward: Wednesday, May 1st will be Whiskey Wednesday at Johnny’s.