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Crowdfunded Charm Kitty Café is Finally Opening to the Public on Saturday

“Star” sits on a bed in Charm Kitty Café. Photo by Julia Flaccavento.

Inside a new storefront in Whitehall Mill at the edge of Hampden, cats roam free, weaving between human feet or squatting placidly atop oversized cushions. A couple cloister themselves inside empty merch cubbies along the wall. Several jump up periodically to walk on the front desk, accompanying staffers who warmly greet guests coming in the doors.

A Co-Working Cat Café is in the Works at Whitehall Mill

Cats sitting in a cat café in South Korea. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Cat-loving telecommuters and entrepreneurs will be excited about this one: Baltimore is set to get its very own cat café in the recently restored Whitehall Mill development near Hampden and Woodberry.