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Ugh, This Guy Again? Rabble-Rousing Towson Student Attempts to Form White Student Union


We’ve got to give it to Towson student Matthew Heimbach:  the guy is good at stirring up trouble. You might remember him from his presidency of Youth for Western Civilization, the group that enraged many on the Towson campus by hosting Straight Pride Day and chalking “White Pride” slogans on the school’s sidewalks. After YWC’s speech got a little too hate-y last year, its lone faculty sponsor abandoned ship, and the group lost its official school-approved status. But Heimbach is clearly not one to give up without a fight, and now he’s angling to form a White Student Union. Cue the drama.

Towson University’s White Pride Group is Shut Down


Our old friends, the Youth of Western Civilization, those advocates of white pride and straight pride and general rabblerousing, have finally hit a roadblock.  The Towson University group lost its faculty advisor, professor Richard Vatz, who dropped his affiliation when the group started, “using rhetoric in their arguments that I found were not appropriate.” And without a faculty advisor, YWC can’t be an official student group.

Vatz, a noted conservative, objected to the YWC calling its opponents “cancer” and “disgusting degenerates,” and using the words Islam and Muslim as derogative terms.  “I’m sorry, but that is not how impressive and serious conservatives argue their case,” Vatz said. “I realize that I have been your advisor only nominally, but I cannot in good conscience advise a group that attacks people or groups personally or tactlessly or does not recognize their dignity and the value of dignified argument in the marketplace of ideas.”

Towson University’s “White Pride” Problem


Youth for Western Civilization chalk "White Pride" messages at Towson University

You may remember when Towson University’s  Youth for Western Civilization held a “straight pride” rally last fall, raising the ire of many on campus and off. And now the rabblerousing student group is at it again, chalking “White Pride” messages on prominent campus locations.

Is this just a first-amendment expression of traditional conservative values or a provocative act with overtones of racism and white nationalism? Depends on who you ask.


Towson Students Host "Straight Pride Day"; Angry Protests Ensue


Youth for Western Civilization is a nationwide group that’s dedicated to “the survival of our own culture and civilization,” and although they don’t quite make that “our” explicit, it’s pretty clear that they mean white people of European descent. 

So, are they rallying for more Shakespeare courses? Encouraging members to enroll in classical Greek programs? Not exactly. The typical YWC activity looks more like the tone deaf “Straight Pride Day” a Towson chapter held last week at that university. (Watch a video of the proceedings here.) Predictably, other students protested the event, giving YWC the perfect chance to act all marginalized and wounded.

But there is a small glimmer of hope for humanity here. One anti-YWC attendee reported staying on afterward to talk with the “calm and respectful” YWC reps for nearly two hours. It ended with a group hug.