Charm City Cakes was tapped to do the baking for Monday’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere in New York City — marking the third time the Baltimore-based bakery has been called on to create a Potter-themed cake (they also created cakes for the LA premiere of Order of the Phoenix and the New York premiere of Half-Blood Prince).  We chatted with CCC’s Mary Alice to get the inside scoop (er, slice?) on this epic piece of pastry.

The cake itself is more than three feet tall and three feet wide, and uses all those tricky fondant techniques (and perhaps a few spells?) to recreate a besieged Hogwarts in confectionery form.  But worry not:  the cake itself didn’t taste anything like burned wizard castle; it was actually a lemon poppyseed cake with Italian buttercream icing. Ron Weasley — okay, okay, Rupert Grint — did the cake-cutting honors at the premiere’s afterparty at the Museum of Natural History, and we bet he enjoyed every crumb.