Take an Uncanny Virtual Tour of Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

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Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
via Baltimore Business Journal.

If you’re like me, you love all computer-made design concept images unconditionally. The smiling human figures that seem to hover just above the ground in digitally rendered environments mined from somewhere deep in the uncanny valley — what’s not to like?

And if so, Baltimore Business Journal‘s slideshow of renderings of Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is doubly fascinating. Not only do we get a look at the red, gold, and black color scheme, the Johnny Sanchez restaurant, and the private table-game rooms; we also get to view these places as populated by nothing but attractive models with translucent bodies having the times of their lives.

In one image, every single person is looking you in the eye, and you may believe for a moment that you are having one of those anxiety dreams where you show up to some public place naked.

Check out the entire slideshow at BBJ.

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