Walking through the JHU Homewood campus recently, I stumbled upon a seemingly hidden pathway winding through a canopy of shade trees and discovered a menagerie of stone sculptures.  The collection, created by Italian-born sculptor Beniamino Bufano (1898-1970), was a 1983 gift to Hopkins organized by the the artist’s son in an effort to give his father’s work more exposure on the East Coast (the artist’s work also resides on the Stanford University campus).  The Bufano Sculpture Garden is adjacent to the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center, and serves as an inviting, attractive spot for a cool stroll on a hot summer day.

Among the collection are “Bear and Cubs”


A wise old owl. (Owl)


A stoic horse. (Horse.)


A surreptitious snail. (Snail.)


A quaint gazebo offering a great place for debating quantum physics, contemplating Socrates, or texting your BFF.


Read more in an article published by the Johns Hopkins Gazette

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