Towson Student Foots Holiday Shopping Bills for Strangers at Target

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Target-Stores-La-Mesa-CA-35651Whether it’s tossing a few coins in the kettle or a year-end donation, we’ve all likely given during the holidays. At a Target, one Towson University took a more personal approach.

ABC2 has the touching story on Amanda Hallameyer, a junior at TU who saved up money from babysitting to help unexpecting shoppers pay for presents. On Tuesday, she went to the Target in Nottingham and approached people in the checkout line. She paid their bills, totaling $1,000.

Fortunately, the shoppers who were helped spread the word on social media, so the could good deed could get the attention it deserved. The below account from one woman, who is currently unemployed, speaks for itself:

I was finishing up some last minute Christmas Shopping. The amount came to $131.14. As I went to get out my credit card, she said to me, “Excuse me Ms., I would like to PAY FOR THIS”! I said, “What? That’s so sweet but you don’t have to do that!” She insisted that she wanted to do it! I was crying in the Target!


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