Teachers at One Baltimore School Called in Sick to Protest

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Proposed budget cuts may force the city schools to lay off 1,000 staff. On Wednesday, a group of teachers decided to give their school a taste of what it would be like if a large portion of staffers weren’t around.

According to WBAL-TV, teachers at staged a “sick-out.” That means they called in sick en masse. The move appeared aimed at protesting the budget cuts, which were caused by a $130 million deficit.

CBS Baltimore reported parents had to pick up their children early, but some of the parents told the station that they weren’t even upset.

The Baltimore City Schools CEO, however, wasn’t happy. Sonja Santelises released a statement that she was “extremely disappointed” and urged staffers to “seek out ways to advocate for our students that are not at the same time detrimental to the very young people we serve.” Santelises has asked the state and city to help make up the funding difference.

It’s tough to picture a punishment. While it’s true that students had to miss class time, it appears the teachers were using the time they were allotted.

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